Common Estate Planning Questions Explained


Over the years, we have received numerous questions with regards to estate planning. Here are a few estate planning inquiries with true or false explanations.1 (Scotia Estate and Trust Services)

Common-law and legally married spouses are now treated equally for all purposes under the law. False. In Ontario, only legally married spouses are entitled to share in an intestate distribution.

A Method for excluding assets from your estate: Segregated Funds


Estate planning encompasses many things such as providing for loved ones, mitigating or avoiding probate, minimizing taxes, providing for the orderly distribution of assets, protecting assets and planning for incapacity. The utilization of a segregated fund in one's estate plan allows your beneficiaries to receive your money without having those funds flow through your estate. That means the money in your policy won't be reduced by taxes and fees associated with settling an estate.

What is a Segregated fund?

Cascading Wealth Transfer for the next generation


There was a recent survey conducted to individuals over the age 90 in the USA. They were asked: Report 3 things they would of done differently if they were given the opportunity to relive their lives? One desire was: they reported their wish to do something that would live beyond them. They would do something to ensure their mortality.

Reasons Why Permanent Life Insurance is Valuable (20-May-2020 by Mike Busby)


Here are some reasons why permanent life insurance is very valuable:

Provides liquidity when it's needed. If you're primarily invested in real estate, a private company, or other illiquid assets, where's the cash going to come from to pay taxes owing when you're gone? Life insurance can solve the problem.

Executor and Estate Administration Changes (18-Apr-20 by Mani Fenili)


With an aging population, the role of executor is becoming more valuable. Have you or someone you know been asked to act as an executor? Do you see yourself as having to deal with this role sometime in the future? If so, we are here to help! We know the unfortunate truth about the executor role is that it is triggered after the loss of a loved one. So in addition to your executor duties, you will also be grieving. 


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