Unclaimed Disability Benefits Amount To Billions of Dollars

According to a disability planning workshop by the Mackenzie Institute, the CRA reported that more than 365,000 Canadians under the age of 49 who qualify for the Disability Tax Credit have not opened and taken advantage of a Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). The result is billions of dollars in potential government grants and bonds remain uncollected. The good news is that it is possible to catch up on missed grant and bond payments! Read on to see how.

Financial Considerations For Women


Tuesday March 8, 2022 was International Women’s Day and the theme for this year was “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”.

Women have made incredible strides, both professionally and personally, in the last half century. They are better educated, have greater responsibility in the corporate world and are leaders in many professions.  But despite the professional and financial successes women in the workplace have earned in recent generations, they are still facing challenges.

Some of these challenges include:

Hard to Insure - Can I put in place insurance if I have had a major illness or I have been denied?


The purpose for life insurance is to make sure that the ones we care about the most will always be taken care of. Whether you are hard to insure or have health issues, we can help put a plan in place at Brandon Lindsay.

Can I get life insurance if I have health concerns or pre-existing condition? Yes. There are many avenues designed specifically for Canadians with medical conditions.

Four Key Factors to transfer an inheritance effectively


Arranging the smooth transfer of assets to heirs can be a challenge for many reasons.1 (Manulife Nov. 2021)

The first one relates to time. Often, probate is required before instructions can be carried out and your beneficiaries can receive their inheritance – and the process of obtaining probate can be a lengthy one, frequently taking 6 to 18 months, or longer if it’s contested.

Risks with Do-it-Yourself Will Kits


A will is a key component of an effective estate plan. Advertisements for do-it-yourself will kits leave the impression that one need only fill in a few blanks to create a legally enforceable will. Be careful! ¹ (Sunlife)

Risks with do-it-yourself Wills

You may miss out on tax and personal planning opportunities that do not require a will

Without being properly informed about tax, estate, family and property laws, you run the risk that your wishes are rendered void

Wealth Preservation Using Life Insurance

When people think of Life insurance, at the heart of it, it’s about taking care of loved ones. They see life insurance as a tool that protects people they care about from the potentially devastating financial losses that can result from a premature death. However, life insurance can also help you and/or your estate preserve wealth. Here are four scenarios to consider. 

Use life insurance to fund your retirement


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